Less Clutter + Less Waste =
Happier Parents, Happier Planet

Not all cotton is created equally.

Our babies deserve the best -- and so does our planet

100% Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Certified Organic Cotton — it’s all just cotton, right? Not exactly. All cotton fibers are naturally derived from the cotton plant, which makes cotton products biodegradable even in landfills, but the methods of farming organic versus conventional cotton produce different environmental outcomes.

Life Cycle Assessments have shown organic cotton uses 91% less water, contributes 46% less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses 61% less energy than its conventional counterpart. While using organic cotton won't alone save the planet, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

Cubbiekit only uses Certified Organic Cotton, which makes it even more planet friendly (see below).

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has the highest and most stringent certification standards out there. It ensures end to end environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes, from the farming and harvesting of cotton to the production of our garments. We also perform factory visits to meet with our partners and put a face to the emails (P.S. we're pretty cool and chat through whatsapp weekly)


Conventional Cotton vs.
GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Source: The Textile Exchange Life Cycle Assessment (2014)

Water Savings


CO2 Emissions Reduced


Energy Saved



Source: Global Organic Textile Standard (Ecology & Social Responsibility)


Sustainable Materials

✓ Must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides (to prevent soil damage and water supply contamination)

✓ No use of hazardous substances in chemicals (like in dying and treating)

✓ Manufacturing processes must demonstrate environmental management, including wastewater treatment

✓ Quality standards for color fastness and shrinkage of garments (meaning the dye won't stain and clothes won't shrink)


Ethical Manufacturing

✓ Employees must earn fair living wages and working hours

✓ Factories are held to occupational health and safety requirements

✓ NO child labor is used

✓ No discrimination, harassment, or violence is practiced in the workplace



REDUCE - delivering only the essentials in playful, gender neutral styles and colors that don't shrink upon arrival at a price that respects the supply chain and our customers.

REUSE - connecting with community organizations that distribute clothing to newborns in need or upcycle the fabric into cloth diaper liners and wipes. We currently support Austin Recovery Network, The Cloth Option, LovedTwice, and the Houston Children's Charity.

RECYCLE - anything that cannot be donated is recycled. We partner with Texas-based textile recycler, Green City Recycling, to ensure no clothing ends up in a landfill.


Kraft mailers, cubbies, and paper are made from post consumer recycled content

Gummed paper tape is recyclable

Clothing is wrapped in recyclable poly bags to ensure clothing remains clean in-transit. We're actively searching for more eco-friendly options


Made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, a naturally biodegradable fabric (duh it's a plant)

Snap buttons are sourced from YKK, a sustainability focused fastener manufacturer

Elastic bands are used in our bottoms to ensure clothing stays on your little human