Clothes you can feel good dressing your baby in

Not all cotton is created equally

100% Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Certified Organic Cotton — it’s all just cotton, right? Not exactly. All cotton fibers are naturally derived from the cotton plant, which makes cotton products biodegradable even in landfills, but the methods of farming organic versus conventional cotton produce different environmental outcomes. Life Cycle Assessments have shown organic cotton uses 91% less water, contributes 46% less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses 61% less energy than its conventional counterpart. While using organic cotton won't alone save the planet, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

Cubbiekit only uses certified organic cotton, which makes it planet friendly, plus a little more. How so?


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification 

The Global Organic Textile Standard certification is the highest and one of the most stringent certification standards, ensuring end to end environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing processes: from the farming and harvesting of cotton to the production of our garments.

All of our clothing is sourced from and created in GOTS certified factories. That means a few things:

Sustainable materials

 ✓ Must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides (to prevent soil damage and water supply contamination)

✓ No use of hazardous substances in chemicals (like in dying and treating)

✓ Manufacturing processes must demonstrate environmental management, including wastewater treatment

✓ Quality standards for color fastness and shrinkage of garments (meaning the dye won't stain and clothes won't shrink)

Ethical manufacturing

✓ Fair living wages and working hours

✓ Occupational health and safety requirements

✓ No child labor is used

✓ No discrimination, harassment, or violence

Here are a few steps we're actively taking

  • Our shipping boxes and paper packaging are created out of post-consumer recycled materials and are fully recyclable
  • Our gummed paper tape is recyclable
  • Our certified organic cotton is recyclable and biodegradable and is held to quality standards
  • We send your clothing in recycled plastic to keep clothing clean during transit

Here are some places we can improve

  • Our garment labels, made from woven soft woven satin and rubber heat transfer stickers were designed and selected with your baby's comfort in mind
  • Our metal snap buttons were chosen to prioritize ease of dressing your tiny human
  • We use elastic drawstrings in our bottoms so they sit well on your baby without sliding down constantly

Have a suggestion? Send us a note at We're constantly exploring ways to improve our sustainability efforts.