It's not just a slogan for us.

We know, there’s a lot of greenwashing happening in parenting and on the Internet, in general. So how is this different than any other “sustainable” baby company you encounter? The Answer: Transparency. While other baby companies may use terms like eco-friendly on their website, they still don’t let you peak behind the curtain. We believe in highlighting what we’re actively doing and also sharing what we’re proactively improving upon. We’re not perfect. We’re still a small business with big aspirations. We’re always striving to be better. We thank you for joining us on this journey to change the consumption model in parenting.

  • Conscious consumption

    Conscious consumption

    Own what you need, never what you don’t. Cubbiekits are the perfect capsule collection for your little one. It’s the perfect backbone to your baby’s wardrobe because let’s be real -- you’re going to be gifted a lot of clothing. Cubbiekit is made to mix and match with everything, but also give you the go-to pieces you use on the daily. Soft enough for sleep and strong enough for playtime. Our clothing won't shrink, bleed, or fade after washing.

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    We’ve designed our clothing with an end-of-life in mind. Every piece of the garment has been thoughtfully selected to be 100% recyclable -- from snap buttons, zippers to fabric selection. Did you know it takes synthetic fabrics over 200 years to decompose? Yikes. We make clothes that won’t outlive us and our kids. The best part? We take care of the clean up time for you through the Cubbiekit Circle, our donation and recycling program.

  • Certified Fabrics

    Certified Fabrics

    We use natural materials and 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, which is the highest standard that certifies clean production from the harvesting of the cotton plant itself to the finished fiber in our factories. No toxic pesticides in farming, no synthetic chemicals in dyeing. No harmful irritants for baby’s skin. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton also saves water, reduces carbon emissions, and uses less energy than the production and use of conventional cotton. It’s also just better quality that you can feel.

  • Certified Factories

    Certified Factories

    We only work with fair-trade ethical factories to ensure garment workers and employees have fair labor practices, livable wages, and a good working environment (because we all deserve that). We currently manufacture our Cubbiekit products in Istanbul, Turkey, known for the softest, most luxurious Turkish cotton. We perform annual factory visits to meet with our partners as well. They’re not just our suppliers, they’re our team!

  • In every detail

    In every detail

    Why $17 for a bodysuit? It’s in the details you can see, and details you can’t. We’ve thoughtfully designed our pieces with the planet in mind, but parents are at the core of what we do as well. Our products are the tried-and-true classics that you’ll be reaching for over and over again. The ones your baby takes their first steps in, projectile vomits on, and giggles in. We produce everything with the highest quality materials at an accessible price that values the farmers, artisans, and creators of our clothes.

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    Our Packaging

    Our Packaging

    Our kraft mailers, cubbies and paper are made from post-consumer recycled content and taped with gummed paper tape -- making our packaging 100% curbside recyclable. We also ship carbon neutral to offset any emissions from transportaiton.

Sustainable design

Made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Turkish cotton, a naturally biodegradable fabric (P.S. we tested it, it biodegraded in 90 days) and YKK metal snap buttons.