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organic sustainable baby clothing essentials delivered as a subscription in a baby clothing bundle in gender neutral colors cubbiekit

The Why

Cubbiekit was founded on the belief that shopping for babies doesn’t have to be so...wasteful. Babies grow fast. Many things often go unused, unworn, and inevitably trashed. However, as parents, we still need *things”--good quality things, conveniently delivered and accessibly priced. Shopping in a store? Who has the time. A million tabs open? Declare Browser Bankruptcy. Growth spurt overnight? Do it all over again.

We're here to simplify (dare we say, automate) the process of shopping for your baby, and do it responsibly.

  • Our mission

    Our mission

    Our mission is to create happier parents and a happier planet. We deliver stage based essentials as your baby grows.

  • Our values

    Our values

    We value what parents value: 1) Convenience 2) Quality Products 3) Conscious Consumption. We deliver better basics in a convenient subscription that are thoughtfully produced with intention and regenerative design.

Our story

After I had my first baby, like many new moms, I went through a lot of change. On top of my new identity and responsibilities, I was inundated with all of the choices and options when shopping for basic essentials. Figuring out all the things she "needed" was such time consuming endeavor. There were subscriptions for almost everything, but not everyday clothing. I would spend hours on my phone, swiping through site after site, mix and matching the perfect capsule collection she could wear for just those 3 months. Between the gender normative options and the “Insta-ready” marketing geared exclusively toward moms (dads are shopping too!), I wondered why it was so hard to find just the basics. Especially high-quality, ultra-soft ones that were accessibly priced, but also being made thoughtfully, with the environment and an ethical supply chain in mind. And so Cubbiekit was born: to take shopping for better basics off your to-do list, so you have time for baby's bucket list.

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-Salwa, Founder & CEO, Cubbiekit