About Us

Convenient Delivery. Better Basics. Conscious Consumption

Our Story

Just your average parents

After I had my first child, like many new moms, I went through a lot of change. On top of my new identity and responsibilities, I was struggling with postpartum depression while also living far from my family and support system. Figuring out all the things she "needed" was such a chore. There were subscriptions for all of her personal care items, but not clothing. I would spend hours on my phone, swiping through site after site for easy clothes she could wear everyday.

Between the gender normative options and the“Insta-ready” marketing geared exclusively toward moms (dads are shopping too!),I wondered why it was so hard to find just the basics. Especially ones that were being made thoughtfully, with the environment and supply chain (and your child!) in mind. And so Cubbiekit was born: to make your first year just a little easier, so you can spend less time scrolling for the essentials, and more time on things that bring you joy! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. -Salwa


Our Mission

Our mission is to create happier parents and a happier planet. Our goal is to divert baby clothing from ever entering a landfill and extend the life of a garment, while providing the quality and convenience busy parents value. That means no more hours dedicated to errand shopping in-store while battling long lines and a fussy baby. No more time wasted from trying to pick between a bunch of super similar items with a million tabs open for just the basics. No need to shop every few months for the same dang thing over and over again. No more worrying about the impact on the planet, or unfair labor practices.

We're here to simplify (dare we say, automate) the process of shopping for your baby.