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Your personalized collection of baby clothing essentials in the softest organic cotton.
6 mix and matchable pieces (or 7 outfits) for every day of the week.
Stage-based guide included with expert advice on developmental milestones for your baby's age.
Landfill-free & recyclable through the Cubbiekit Circle Program

    What’s in your Cubbiekit?

    Suns out, buns out, because really, who can resist a cute baby bottom? Ok, in all seriousness, with warm temps on the rise, don't sweat it with our summer kit. Breathable, soft cotton will keep you warm in doors, but keep the breeze flowing outdoors. Sunscreen and beach not included.

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    STEP 1: SELECT 3 TOPS [0/3]

    oatmeal short-sleeve pullover
    The short sleeve pullover $17.50

    The basic of all basics (not that we're basic). It's the plain white tee of the baby-clothing world. Buy 1, buy 100, you'll get the most wear out this number. A simple, short-sleeve bodysuit that pulls over your baby's head. Good for all ages if you're baby doesn't mind having something over their faces (some don't!). Pro tip: Pullover styles are great for when your baby has some neck strength to be lifted frequently.

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    100% GOTS certified organic cotton / YKK metal snap button fasteners / Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low / 100% recyclable through The Cubbiekit Circle

    The sleeveless pullover
    The sleeveless pullover $17.50

    Some like it long, some like it short, and some like none at all! This sleeveless pullover is actually quite versatile.  Perfect for households in the warm, but it also makes a great layering piece for that added warmth in colder climates.

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    100% GOTS certified organic cotton / Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low

    STEP 2: SELECT 2 BOTTOMS [0/2]

    The legging
    The legging $17.50

    Meet the legging. Skinny fit with an elasticized waist, made of organic jersey cotton with a hint of stretch to keep its shape. These leggings are probably going to be your go-to for your baby's daily adventures. 

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    100% GOTS certified organic cotton / YKK metal snap button fasteners / Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low / 100% recyclable through The Cubbiekit Circle


    The little cotton dress
    The little cotton dress $25.00

    Parents, meet your baby's little cotton dress. For those slightly more special days or when you just want your baby to look #realcute. We added rolled sleeves to make it a little more exciting and there's a bodysuit underneath to keep it secure -- no additional bloomers needed! While the little cotton dress has typically catered to our parents with female babies, really, anything goes. We’re all for dressing for you.

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    100% GOTS certified organic cotton / YKK metal snap button fasteners / Machine wash cold, tumble-dry low / 100% recyclable through The Cubbiekit Circle

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    Try us risk-free and get 50% off your first kit for just $45 with a subscription. Click subscribe and use code FIRSTKIT50 at checkout! Pause or cancel anytime.

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    Call it a capsule, call it a layette. We call it everything you need to outfit your little one, nothing you don’t.
    • Step 1 - Pick your colors

      Choose the colors you’d like in your personalized Cubbiekit. We’ll use these colors for the rest of your cubbiekit subscription. All colors are mix & matchable, gender neutral, and made for all babies.

    • Step 2 - Subscribe & save

      Save 20% when you subscribe. We’ll ship your Cubbiekit every 3 months in growth stages with your baby. Every Cubbiekit you receive will be personalized for the time of year and location. So if you receive a Spring Cubbiekit first, your next assortment will be a Summer Cubbiekit.

    • Step 3 - Manage your subscription

      Baby is growing faster than expected? Changed your mind on the colors? Going on vacation somewhere warmer or colder and need to change your styles?You can manage your subscription on your account page. You can swap colors, styles, ship sooner, or pause your subscription at any time.

    • Step 4 - (Optionally) Send it back

      If you don’t intend on haivng more kids in the near future or just don’t feel like storing old baby clothes, when your baby outgrows their current size, you can send back your washed, pre-loved Cubbiekit to us. We’ll ensure it’s donated or recycled responsibly through our network of charities and textile recycling partners. We’ll send a return label and a discount off your next purchase.


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    Do I have to subscribe?

    No, you can purchase a Cubbiekit without subscribing. Although you do save an additional 20% if you do).

    Is this a rental service?

    No, we're not a rental service. We do not sell pre-loved clothing at this time to our customers. In your cubbiekit, you will receive sustainably & ethically made, new organic cotton baby clothing.

    Do I have to send it back?

    No! It's your clothing to keep. If you decide you want to hold on to your premium-quality organic cotton clothing (made to last) in case you have new babies, or if you have someone you'd like to donate it to, you are welcome to do so. We offer textile recycling as a service to our customers who no longer want to store their own clothing.

    When am I charged?

    You'll only be charged when your Cubbiekit ships for the items you've
    purchased. If any items are out of stock, you won't be charged for those pieces.

    How much is a subscription?

    A Cubbiekit subscription is $90 (excl. tax).

    How does your recycling program work?

    We work with vetted charities and community organizations to distribute baby clothing to families in need first, such as the The Cloth Option and the Houston Children's Charity. Anything that can't be donated is stored to be downcycled into things like industrial rags, stuffing for furniture, or insulation via Green City Recycling. We never sell our clothing in developing nation resale markets to ensure our clothing does not end up in a landfill. Lastly, our manufacturing partner in Turkey can also mechanically recycle our organic cotton clothing and respin it into new cotton fibers. This technology requires a vast amount of clothing to do. However, it is an option we're committed to doing as our small business grows.

    Can I pause my subscription?

    Yes! Our subscription is flexible. You can pause or cancel anytime in
    your customer portal. Email if you have any

    Can I add more to my subscription?

    Yes, if you'd like more than 6 pieces, you can always add more to your subscription in your account subscription portal.

    What if my colors or styles are out of stock?

    If your initial color selection is out of stock, we'll send a substitute
    color from a color you've already chosen. You can always swap colors on your account page if you feel like shaking things up.

    What if I need my Cubbiekit sooner?

    You have the option to ship your cubbiekit now if you need it sooner than every 3 months. We typically send it at major growth milestones,
    but some babies grow faster than others!

    How do you determine the next cubbiekit?

    Your subscription will follow the timeline of your baby's growth
    milestones. We'll send you 1 newborn kit, 1 3-month kit, 1 6-month kit, 2 12-month and 18-month kits, respectively. Your subscription does not have to
    start at the newborn stage, and can start at any size range. You will only be charged for cubbiekits you receive.

    When does the subscription end?

    We will automatically cancel your subscription for you after your second 18 month order. That way you won't be charged after your baby has become a little toddler. Our subscription is flexible, so you can also pause or cancel your subscription to cubbiekit at anytime.

    What do you mean by next season?

    We’ll change up the assortment by sleeve-length, pant style (or shorts), and playsuits by season based on where you live. For example, if you start with the Winter Cubbiekit (with long-sleeves), your next kit will be the Spring Cubbiekit (with a mix of long and short sleeves).

    How do I gift a cubbiekit?

    You can subscribe to Cubbiekit and enter the parent's shipping address at checkout. The cubbiekit will be delivered to them. You can also purchase a gift card and email it to your expecting family. They can use it towards a Cubbiekit subscription.

    • GOTS Certifed Organic

      The softest and purest organic cotton, certified and free of synthetic chemicals and dyes. Breathable and safe for baby soft skin.

    • Seriously Sustainable

      Regenerative design, made with a garment’s end-of-life in mind. Produced with only sustainable & recyclable materials. For clothing that won’t outlive our little ones.

    • Timeliess Designes

      Tried and true essential styles, thoughtfully designed and curated for babies and parents. Frustration-free basics in the highest quality materials.

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed

      Try us risk-free for 14 days and save 50% off of your first Cubbiekit by signing up for our email list. We want you to have the best possible experience with Cubbiekit. Email us at