Our first upcycled donations with The Cloth Option

When you’re the founder of a startup, you’re often faced with significant mental challenges. With every obstacle, you doubt yourself, your vision, your capabilities. It isn’t until you remember the “why” behind everything, that you snap out of it and pull yourself together.

I started Cubbiekit because I felt like it made sense. Whether we get pregnant, look to adopt, find a surrogate or any other path we take to parenthood, once we get the news a little one the size of an avocado is on the way, we get excited. We plan our registries, check out all the cutest baby accessories (hello baby sunglasses!) and start shopping. It isn’t until our babies have their first few growth spurts that we realize all of the clutter we’ve slowly accumulated.

By no means do I regret that super cool pair of baby overalls. It brought me joy when I purchased it. It was the silver lining when it came to balancing it all as a parent while trying to retain my sanity and mental health. However, what happens to the clothing when I’m done with it? What if I don’t have another baby? Who do I pass these clothes on to? What if they don’t want my hand-me-downs? Where do the clothes in that bin at the local CVS actually go? Why wouldn’t other parents want to experience the feeling of “new” for such a special milestone in their lives?

What if I found a way for everyone to experience the special feeling of “new” in a responsible way? 

We found that.

Today I’m excited to share with you our first collection of upcycled garments as a part of our partnership with The Cloth Option. At Cubbiekit, we don’t believe in greenwashing. We also think the word authentic is overplayed. Instead, we’re sharing this collection because we’re proud of what we did with the limited resources and small scrappy team we have. 

We sent about 50 units of pre-loved Cubbiekit clothing from our first customers to our partner volunteer, Kelli, at the Cloth Option. She used it to create cloth diaper liners and wipes in various sizes and will donate it to a family who requests a cloth diaper kit.


We’re sharing this with you, our community, because we believe in being accountable to you.

Thank you for trusting us with making your life a little easier in a sustainable and ethical way. 

-Salwa, Mama, Founder & CEO

Learn more about The Cloth Option here!


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