Happy Earth Day! 🌎




We’ve been talking about how we’re closing the loop on baby clothing clutter and waste. That’s why today we’re so excited to announce our partnership with The Cloth Option. With this partnership we’ll be repurposing our washed, pre-loved clothing into cloth diaper liners and wipes. ♻️


The Cloth Option is an cloth diaper advocacy group that provides assistance to families who want access to this sustainable method of diapering. We loved this mission and are beyond excited to support them. 👶

We're a small business with big aspirations. Our mission is to create happier parents and a happier planet. We want to positively contribute to the circular economy. Though they can be a pain some times, we still want to leave a beautiful planet behind for our tiny humans. Throughout our journey we want to make it easier for parents to shop better while minimizing waste.

Thanks for joining us!

- Salwa

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